Environmental Commitment

O'Shanter has been designated as an "Energy innovator" by Canada's Minister of Natural Resources. Across our portfolio of properties, O'Shanter has initiated energy-efficient modifications to our buildings which have resulted in our meeting or exceeding standards set by the Kyoto Accord. We continue to make ongoing improvements in the area of energy conservation.

Under our ISO 14001 Environmental Certification we are committed to international standards of environmental control in the operations of our buildings. O'Shanter has pioneered the use of bioremediation in the clean-up of contaminated soil and we are proactive in addressing any environmental issues which arise in our properties within the guidelines set by the government.

Recycling at O'Shanter Residences

O'Shanter Development Company Ltd. is committed to making our buildings cleaner, greener, and more sustainable. As evidenced by being the first ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified property management company in Canada and a member of the Recycling Council of Ontario, O'Shanter is internationally recognized as an industry leader in sustainable environmental management practices.

In response to the City of Toronto's 70% waste diversion target, O'Shanter is looking to lead the way in our community by drastically increasing our recycling output. In doing so, O'Shanter is helping the City of Toronto to decrease the amount of Garbage it sends to landfills in Michigan and Northern Ontario.