O'Shanter Policy Statement on Accessible Costumer Service

O'Shanter Development Company Ltd. is committed to providing quality goods and services that are accessible to all, and to facilitate accessibility of people with disabilities.

1. O'Shanter is committed to identifying potential barriers to service that may exist for people with different types of disabilities and to make reasonable efforts to remove those barriers.

2. O'Shanter will make reasonable efforts to ensure policies, practices and procedures and the delivery of goods/services provided to persons with disabilities and to all our tenants are based on the following key principles of:

  • Dignity -Services are provided in a respectful manner consistent with the needs of the individual; • Independence -Services for persons with disabilities shall support their independence while respecting their right to safety and personal privacy. As such, service delivery shall consider the nature of the service and alternative accommodation that maybe required;
  • Integration-Customers with disabilities shall fully benefit from the same services, in the same place and in the same or similar way as all other customers; and,
  • Equity/Equality of the outcome- customers with disabilities will be provided the same opportunity to access our services as all other customers.

3. O'Shanter staff will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability and communication needs.

4. O'Shanter encourages people with disabilities to use their personal assistive devices, and allows them to use service animals (unless disallowed by law), and/or be assisted by support persons while accessing/using our goods and services.

5. O'Shanterwill provide training to all employees who deal with the tenants, and those who are involved in the development and approval of customer service policies and procedures.

6. O'Shanter will make every effort to provide reasonable notification of all interruptions that especially relate to the provision of services and programs for people with disabilities.

7. Feedback on our services and whether expectations are being met are welcome and appreciated. A feedback process is established, and will be used for policy evaluation and improvement.

Your Feedback is Important

O'Shanter Development Company Ltd. is committed to providing high quality customer service. We strive to improve the accessibility of our customer service to our tenants, applicants for housing, visitors, and other members of the public with disabilities. We welcome your feedback. It will help us improve our services and further support the development of our accessible and inclusive customer service. To share your comments, please download and print out the Feedback Form located below. A copy of the form is also available in every building office. If you require the feedback form in an alternate format, please contact our Health & Safety department at (416) 466-2642 ext. 327 or by e-mail at or by mail:

O'Shanter Development Company

ATTN: Health & Safety

245 Carlaw Ave. Suite 107

Toronto, ON, M4M2S1

If you would like a response to your feedback and provide contact information, we will follow-up with you within ten (10) working days.

Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form

AODA OSD Multi-Year Plan- Reviewed 2020