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Great Place to Work Certified (November 2023)

O'Shanter is proud to announce that we are recertified as a Great Place To Work!

Great Place to Work Certified (November 2022)

O'Shanter is proud to announce that we are recertified as a Great Place To Work!

Great Place to Work Certified (November 2021)

O'Shanter is proud to announce that we are recertified as a Great Place To Work!

Home Construction Regulatory Authority License (May 2021)

The Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) has licensed O'Shanter Development Company Ltd. to sell new homes in Ontario. HCRA endorses O'Shanter for its high professional standards, competence and good conduct. This certification allows home buyers confidence in the quality of our homes.

O'Shanter's information is available on the Ontario Builder Directory (OBD). The OBD is a publicly accessible online registry that lists the names and background information of all licensed builders and vendors. The OBD helps home buyers to confirm they are dealing with a licensed builder or vendor and make informed decisions when selecting a builder or vendor.

As an HCRA licensee, O'Shanter conducts business in accordance with the requirements of the New Home Construction Licensing Act (NHCLA) and its regulations, conducts itself with honesty and integrity, and demonstrates financial responsibility. O'Shanter takes all reasonable measures to be in compliance with the NHCLA, the regulations, and orders made under the NHCLA.

Great Place to Work Certified (November 2020)

O'Shanter is proud to announce that we are recertified as a Great Place To Work!

Great Place to Work Certified (September 2019)

O'Shanter is proud to announce that we are now certified as a Great Place To Work, and we are really excited to share this good news with you.

WEBCON Rental Marketing Awards (November 2017)

 Winner - Best Corporate Website - Managing Under 2500 Units

Fair Exchange

Fair Exchange (November 2014)

The ABC and D's to creating environmental achievement. O'Shanter Development Company Ltd. has achieved another environmental milestone; Certification under the Certified Rental Program's new "Living Green Together" Environmental Standards of Practice.

Property Management Magazine

Property Management Magazine (January 2012)

Building on two generations of property management experience, the company headed by principals Adam and Jonathan Krehm, has both the knack and the eye for mining the diamonds in the rough in some of the most desired locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Profile Magazine

Profile Magazine (December 2011)

O'Shanter aspires to the highest professional standards, and it is the first (and only) multi-residential property management company in Canada (and possibly North America) to achieve both ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certifications. Many owner-operators are hesitant to engage a third-party property manager, as they feel that their buildings will not receive the same level of attention as the manager's own buildings," said Jonathan Krehm, President, O'Shanter Development Company. "Our goal is to provide consistent service for all the buildings in our portfolio. We run every building as if it were our own, producing monthly reports for third-party buildings before we do our own properties."

Find Rental

Find Rental (November 2010)

O'Shanter's people-centred corporate philosophy includes making tenants of rental apartment buildings feel safe, secure, comfortable and part of a true community by providing customer service through motivated, engaged staff. "We understand that a well-maintained building in a convenient location is a great asset to renters," says O'Shanter's General Manager Randy Daiter, "but we also believe that the human side of things is just as critical."

Renters Classified

Renters Classified (July 2010)

The tagline for O'Shanter Development Company Ltd. is "Managing to do the right thing", a commitment that this property management firm takes to a whole new level.

Building Blocks Magazine

Building Blocks Magazine (June 2010)

On Saturday May 29, 2010, O'Shanter joined efforts with Toronto Hydro and invited the Tenants of Brentwood Towers to facilitate a Toronto Hydro "Great Exchange" Event. The Brentwood Towers Tenants' Association represents 957 apartment units located at 17-25 Lascelles Blvd. Residents were encouraged to trade-in inefficient incandescent light bulbs in exchange for energy star qualified CFL bulbs.

Canadian Property Magazine

Canadian Property Magazine (April 2009)

For many multi-residential property managers, energy conservation and green building methods are a relatively new concept. In many cases they are ideas that have been forced on them by high energy costs or government policies that dictated change.

Building Blocks Magazine

Building Blocks Magazine (October 2008)

O'Shanter Development Company has been a long time member of the Greater Toronto Apartment Association and a true leader in energy conservation and environmental sustainability. The association is pleased to include a feature presentation on O'Shanter in this edition of Building Blocks with its "green" theme.