5 Easy To Maintain Houseplants for Apartment Living

Oct 3
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Source: Brina Blum on Unsplash

Adopting a forest of indoor plants is a critical step in the pursuit of transforming your house into a home. The right succulent can turn a drab bookcase into a tasteful living room centerpiece. Some special shrubs can even purify the air around you, which is a huge asset in smaller living spaces. However, nothing is worse than an apartment full of hundreds of dollars worth of dejected plants wilting away in the dim light of an otherwise cozy room. Your investment in household greenery should be made with two factors in mind: the level of light you consistently have, and your realistic level of commitment to caring for a nursery of different plants with a variety of needs.

With these two considerations in mind, here is a list of versatile, virtually unkillable plants suitable for almost any light level and even the most inexperienced green thumbs. Though your impulse-purchased venus flytrap may be a snappy conversation piece for a week or two, these are the plant babies that will take you from August all the way through to next spring.


Golden Pothos 

Pothos plants should be a staple of any novice home gardner's apartment. With their spindly vines and thick green leaves, these pretty shrubs can elevate any space from basic to sophisticated.

Check on the soil in their pots: if the top of the soil is dry, it's probably time for a water top-up. Pothos can survive in just about any light, so don't worry about blasting them with full sun. However, try to keep these guys out of reach, as eating a pothos can result in stomach irritation in pets and kids.      





Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum, otherwise known as spider plants, are some of the most low maintenance investments you can make in your indoor garden. Perfect for hanging pots, these eye catching plants prefer to dry out completely between waterings. Place them in indirect light and water them once a week for the best results! The best part is that once mature, spider plants begin producing fresh plantlets, which can be easily replanted and repurposed as gifts for family and friends.



Peace Lily 

Peace lilies are one of the most well-known species adept at air purification. They also are notoriously difficult to kill, and can survive significant periods without hydration, making them the ideal apartment plant. They can tolerate all kinds of light, but prefer to be placed under bright indirect sunlight. Lucky for us, peace lilies make it clear when they need to be watered: water them around once a week, but look out for drooping and wilting.



Air Plant

For the ultimate plant-resistor, Air Plants can be a saving grace. Unlike traditional potted plants, they require no soil in order to thrive! Simply stick them in a spot that gets a few hours of bright, indirect or full sun and mist them once or twice a week, and your quirky little Air Plants will be happy and healthy.





Cast Iron Plant

Not only do cast iron plants provide a lush garden-feel to any space, they also have a reputation for being almost indestructible. They can tolerate just about any light and soil environments, so put them in any corner that needs a little bit of life and water them anywhere between once a week and every ten days, depending on the humidity of your living space.





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