Free Online Events Happening in November

Nov 7
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It's official — winter is approaching. As the weather gets colder, it's imperative to be proactive in seeking out safe activities to keep you entertained. The good news is, many organizers have quickly adapted to our rapidly changing circumstances and modified their events to be accessible with the click of a mouse, often for free. Here are some of the most interesting events going on this November, from Toronto-based organizations and beyond.


Sleep: A Key To Health 

November 9th 2020: 6:00pm-7:00pm 

If you've been having a more difficult than usual time falling or staying asleep, tune into this lecture hosted by University of British Columbia. Dr. Ron Cridland of the American Board of Sleep Medicine will be speaking on the effects of sleep on our mood, metabolism, and overall health. Most importantly, the talk will include practical advice on "optimiz[ing] sleep quality and quantity as well as how to manage insomnia," in order to help you stay rested and healthy. 



ROM Curator Conversations: Dino Cancer

November 11th 2020: 4:00pm-5:00pm

For another health-adjacent conversation, check out this Royal Ontario Museum event featuring paleontologist David Evans and hematologist Mark Crowther. The researchers will discuss their recent academic breakthrough which demonstrates evidence of cancer in dinosaurs, in tandem with a broader conversation on the linkages between modern human disease and creatures of the past. 



The Canadian Online Jazz Festival

November 8-15th 2020

For the second week of November, jazz festivals across Canada will be collaborating for a series of free performances highlighting some of our country's most talented musicians. This is a rare opportunity to hear music from all around the country from the comfort of your home, free of charge, so don't miss it. 



Perfectionism: The hidden epidemic?

November 11th: 2:00pm 

From stress at school and work, to overly curated social media feeds, there's a lot of pressure to be perfect these days. For this York University Wellbeing Lecture, Dr. Thomas Curran, an assistant professor of Psychological and Behavioural Science at LSE, will discuss how this burden of perfection is contributing to an increase in mental health struggles for people of all ages. If you're interested in how to foster growth instead of striving for perfection, this is a conversation you need to hear. 



Image Source — Erik Lucero/Google

Why should you care about Quantum Computers?

November 12: 7:30pm-8:30pm

This lecture hosted by Yale University is required viewing for anyone who has ever wondered what a quantum computer is and why they are purportedly going to revolutionize nearly every aspect of our lives. Professor Douglas Stone will explain why you should care, in non-technical terms, appropriate for anyone older than 12 to tune in for.



Image Source: Benjamin and Koshiki/The Japanese Kitchen 

Japanese Comfort Food

November 17th 2020: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Koshiki Smith of the food blog The Japanese Kitchen will be hosting an online cooking class full of tasty, healthy, and  comforting recipes for the soul, borne of her grandmother's kitchen. Learn to make Tonjiru, Onigiri, and Sukiyaki Style Beef (or tofu) with Koshiki for a guaranteed full and happy stomach!



Image Source: The Art Gallery of Ontario

Deaf Culture Moments

November 25th 2020: 11:00am-12:00pm

This AGO conversation will centre Art Educators from the Deaf community, in pursuit of exploring deaf experiences with art and art-making. The event is part of ongoing series of conversations collaborating with groups often overlooked in the mainstream art world. 



Canada Jobs Expo

November 24th 2020: 7:00pm

The annual Canada jobs expo has successfully adapted to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, and will be hosting various Canadian employers virtually, for free on the 24th. The expo proudly holds the title of "most attended job and career event in the GTA," and is a must-attend event for recent graduates, newcomers to Canada, those hoping to switch up their career paths, and any unemployed folks looking for a new avenue to expand the job hunt.



Image Source: Patti Perret/The New Yorker

Octavia E. Butler Slow Read

November 29th: 1:00pm

We all need a little escapism every once in a while, so scratch your science fiction itch and join Octavia Butler for a special end of the month treat. On various dates spanning from this September until November 2022, the visionary futurist author will be conducting chronological slow reads of all of her works, for your listening pleasure. This month will be reading her classic speculative science fiction book Adulthood Rites.