Simple Holiday Decorating For Apartment Living

Dec 5
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No matter what holidays you honour, December is a time for celebration, rest, and a little bit of indulgence. If you love the holidays, but aren't quite sure how to dress up your apartment to reflect your inner festive cheer, have no fear. Check out this list of simple decorations to keep you in a festive mood all December long, without cluttering up a small space. 


Let in The Light

There are hundreds of traditions and celebrations held throughout December around the world that commemorate and celebrate differently, shared aspects of the human experience: gathering as a family, engaging in community service, remembering the sacrifices of one's ancestors, welcoming a new year, and more. One common thread of many of these traditions, including Diwali, Christmas, and Hanukkah, is a reverence for light. As the days continue to shorten, now is a great time to invest in cozy, comforting lighting to inspire some of the festive feelings unique to December. If you have outdoor lanterns, bring them inside; stock up on tea lights and other candles; set up your virtual fireplace — these are all ways to utilize the power of light to create a sense of togetherness. 


Image Source: Monologue London

Twisty, Bendy Candles

Take the season of light into your own hands and DIY some of your own lights! After going viral on Tik Tok, these pretty candles have quickly become the most trendy craft of 2020. Soak long tapered candles in warm water for 10-30 minutes, bend, twist, and flatten to your liking, and dunk them back in cold water to solidify the wax. Once you get the hang of it, this craft creates unique, gorgeous pieces that are a sneaky dupe for the stylized store-bought versions that retail for far more!


Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are a classic, timeless holiday craft and a surefire way to get yourself in the holiday spirit. Improvise your own special pattern or use a free template for perfectly imperfect shapes, every time. If you're not sure where to put them, make use of underused, transient space and try hanging your creations from a transparent string in a hallway. This will draw the eye upwards, making space feel bigger, and free up more room in your primary living space if you're worried about decorations creating too much clutter. 


Image Source: Two Little Birds Plan

Pick a Palette

If you don't want to alter the essence of your space too drastically with busy-looking holiday decorations, pick a colour or two you like, and plan your decorating around them. Apartment Therapy recommends utilizing light colours, as white pieces can help make spaces feel larger than they appear. Adopting a consistent, neutral palette makes it easier to blend decorations into your apartment alongside your regular decor, rather than letting your seasonal decor completely take it over.

Image Source: Restoration Hardware

Starry Lights on Dried Branches

Take some inspiration from this pretty Restoration Hardware piece, and weave string lights around dried branches. This is an easy way to bring some of the outdoors in, creating a rustic, dreamy vibe in the comfort of your home. You may look a little bit like the family dog, lugging home a pretty branch from the park, but it'll be worth it when your living room looks like a fairy garden.

Holiday Cards

Repurpose potential clutter by treating your holiday cards like room decor. Mix cards from friends and family in with trinkets and books on your bookshelf as a subtle and sentimental decoration, and as a reminder that your loved ones are thinking of you. Plus, when the holidays are over, you'll have all of your fond memories gathered in one place, ready to be stored safely for reminiscing, or to be added to a holiday scrapbook.


Practice Hygge

Steal this self-care advice from Denmark, and channel some hygge — the Danish art of happiness. The essence of hygge is fostering well-being by creating a sense of coziness and warmth. In the midst of a long and dark winter, lighting candles, cozying up with a soft blanket, and engaging a loved one in some heartfelt conversation are all examples of hygge activities. If you don't like the holiday season's traditional stylized trappings, try practicing consciously channelling some hygge energy.