The 10 Best Podcasts on Apartment Living

Mar 27
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Podcasts can be an incredible free resource for personal development, design inspiration, and even just passing the time while cleaning your apartment. There are over 47 million podcast episodes available online, and with new shows being added every day, it can be hard to know where to start. If you're interested in all things design, home, and lifestyle, these are the ten audio shows for you. 


Apartment 26 

One-part conversations with friends, one-part tips and tricks for nifty decorating on a dime, Apartment 26 is an intimate deep-dive into the upcycled home of its hosts. Two roommates walk listeners through the ins and outs of their New York City apartment, sharing wisdom about how to turn trash into hidden treasures, and when to know if a home project should (finally) be abandoned. Notable episodes include Design on a Dime and Quarantine Plants


Team Apart Podcast 

It can be a strange and sometimes lonely adjustment to begin working from home. On Team Apart, remote work advocate Ryan Roghaar provides actionable advice for members of distributed teams on how to work better together, while apart. Notable episodes include "Setting Intentions, Adaptability and Resilience in a Post-COVID World‬" and "Thriving While Remote and How to Build an Outstanding Company Culture‬."


Downsize with Style

Hosted by writer and designer Bettina Deda, Downsize with Style is the perfect podcast for non-professional interior design geeks looking for hours of design tips, free of cost. Although the hit podcast finished publication in 2017, there are plenty of valuable insights buried in their back-catalogue for your taking. Notable episodes include "Colour Psychology For Home Decorators" and Finding the Right Chair." 


The Slow Home Podcast

Are you feeling over-committed, under-rested, and in need of a breather? Don't worry. Brooke, host of The Slow Home Podcast, gets it. Pivoting into the realm of lifestyle and personal development, this show is all about opting out of the fast lane, and instead, adopting a simpler, slower approach to home life and apartment design. Notable episodes include "Reducing Waste: A Slow Living Deep Dive" and "How To Make Remote Learning Work for your Family."



Although we may not always be aware of it, design is a critical aspect of our lives. Every object we touch, space we pass through, and text we read has been consciously constructed to create an intentional experience. Clever explores the profound power of objects and environments through interviews with visionary designers offering powerful insights into how we can positively shape our surroundings to reshape our lives. Notable episodes include "Light, Space, Emotion" and "Wall Power: Uplift Our Spaces, Uplift our Spirits." 


The Minimalists

On this widely popular show, hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus discuss how to find meaning through living with less. Since starting their blog in 2010, Millburn and Nicodemus have published multiple books, as well as a Netflix documentary on the virtues of decluttering. In podcast form, The Minimalists offers a more casual approach to the topic, focussing on the "why" of minimal living, rather than the "how" in order to help get you motivated to stop accumulating objects that don't serve you, for the betterment of yourself and the environment. Notable episodes include Not Everything is Sentimental and Environmental Minimalism 


Decorating Tips and Tricks

Now that you've been psychologically motivated by The Minimalists, you may need some inspiration to get started on your spring cleaning revamp. With the tagline "listening is like hiring a decorator, but it's free," Decorating Tips and Tricks is your one-stop shop for practical, trendy decorating advice. Notable episodes include Paint Colour Trends 2021and Hot Picks for Your Spring Kitchen


A Slob Comes Clean

Host Dana K. White is a blogger, podcaster, comedian, and decluttering expert, who is on a mission to combat so-called "slob-vision" with reality-based cleaning strategies. One reviewer described the show as "deeply comforting and encouraging — like having a good friend come over and help you host a garage sale." This show is the perfect way to pass the time when you really don't feel like cleaning but know you probably should. Notable episodes include The Container Concept and When You Don't Have the Energy to Declutter.


The Kitchen Counter

Home-cooks of all skill levels will find something of value in this show, hosted by chef Roher Anderson. Whether your goal is to cook healthier meals, bond with your family over the joy of food, develop your own recipes, or just master the basics, The Kitchen Counter will provide you with a little inspiration and information for your food journey. Notable episodes include Making Cheese at Home and Fresh Homemade Pasta.


The Great Indoors

In this podcast, designers and journalists Sophie Robinson and Kate Watson-Smyth offer a whimsical guide to all things interior design. From the hottest trends in lighting to the easiest fixes for a bland space, The Great Indoors is your new go-to source for all things home decorating. Notable episodes include "Cool Maximalist, Not Hot Mess" and "Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gloss Paint."